A Little about ‘Web Assets’

In Social Media the “squeaky wheel” gets the most oil. You have to put yourself out there, to find people who will relate or even debate with you, depending on what you are looking for.

‘Web Assets’ is a social media marketing model developed to deliver sustainable and real benefits to its clients. World is changing constantly around you, what you ought to do is to morph into the next thing and the next thing and so on. In this ‘consistently changing world’ of social media advertising platform, you will not find an organized way of advertising your business on Facebook except promoting it using Facebook marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive deep into Facebook Advertisements to understand what ‘Web Assets’ is all about. As marketers, we’re always thinking about the most optimal way to target our potential customers. And when it comes to advertising, Facebook is a strong performer in fact it’s the biggest player in social media. Facebook advertisements boast an enviable user base and provide a sophisticated platform. And as far as audience reach is concerned, the most undisputed option is ‘Advertise on Facebook’.

Then Why Do We Need ‘Web Assets’?

Let’s say you are organizing a trip to Ladakh and you wish to promote your Facebook post to the target audience. So when you advertise on Facebook, it will segment the audience with the help of demographic targeting. Which means Facebook will only segment the audience based on the age, location, gender and interests and you will be paying as per the “reach” of your post and not for actual conversions. Here is when ‘Web Assets’ comes into the picture.

WE as ‘Web Assets’ are here to change that as our social media marketing model revolves around AdWords where you can contact all the travel bloggers, big and small players in the tourism industry to promote your message to the relevant audience and pay as per the conversion rate. It will not only help you increase foot traffic to your stores, web traffic to your site but will also help you to convert that traffic.